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Helping kids aged 5 to 12 talk and learn about money
through games

 Addressing the fundamentals of money and the myth that money does not grow on trees. 

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CashCrunch 101

To all who have used CashCrunch 101, our online cash flow and budgeting game. Thankyou. We wanted to let you know that it has been acquired and now available on

CashCrunch Junior

Our Philosophy and Game


We believe that if you create an experience, it is far easier to create a point of reference and have a conversation. We believe that by playing games, experiences will be plentiful.

This is a great way to break taboos and learn about money habits and ultimately personal finance and financial literacy.

CashCrunch Junior is a physical board game for ages 5 to 12. It focuses on teaching the value of money and the ability to make smarter money decisions in a fun and non-intimidating way while encouraging conversations about money, social responsibility and family values.

The game can be used in the classroom or in a family environment.



  • Track their money.
  • Strive to save.
  • Think about their spending.
  • Being able to talk about money with confidence.
  • Which ultimately teaches the value of money as you can only spend your money once.



  • Needs and wants.
  • Opportunity cost.
  • Counting Money.
  • Making change.
  • Budgeting and Cash flow.
  • The value of saving.
  • Making money decisions.

CashCrunch Junior Instructions

A brief description on how to play CashCrunch Junior

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