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Every parent wants the best for their child. With 1.5 trillion dollars of debt and 70% of household in the US living paycheck to paycheck. These are worrying times for future generations.

The cause is quite often poor money choices, not knowing the value of a dollar and not living within your means. If you know the value of money, you are more likely to think longer about spending it, and therefore making smarter money decisions.

We want to address these issues in a fun and non-intimidating way. The earlier money management skills are addressed, the earlier your child is going to understand financial independence and be on the road to financial freedom. Plus save you a lot of money because they will know that money does not grow on trees. (Sorry, parent humor. Couldnt resist).

We want to help with this and have since created a personal finance money game, that focuses on money habits and encourages conversations about money, social responsibility and family values.

We believe that if you create an experience, it is far easier to create a point of reference and have a conversation. We believe that by playing games, experiences will be plentiful.

This is a great way to break taboos and learn about money habits.

Through the game, players will:

  • Track their money.
  • Strive to save.
  • Think about their spending

Which ultimately teaches the value of money as you can only spend your money once.

Concepts covered in the game include:

  • Needs and wants
  • Opportunity cost
  • Counting Money
  • Making change
  • Budgeting
  • Cashflow
  • The value of saving
  • Making money decisions
  • Being able to talk about money with confidence.

The game can be played for set times, usually 30 – 45 mins and the winner is the one with the highest Savings. Our philosophy - Save first, Spend later!This game is great for the home and in the classroom. See the bottom of the page for personal finance lessons, worksheets and more.

Age 5-12 Players 1-4 Time 20 mins +


  • One of the goals my husband and I have with our kids is helping them be wise with their money. We want them to not only be responsible with budgets but also teach them to have a generous heart. The challenge with little ones is making it fun and relatable. Cash Crunch Junior has been awesome with that! Playing with her has been a fun way to learn about money and enjoy time together as a family.  Definitely recommend picking it!  Elle Martinez Founder/ Podcaster, Couple Moneyhttp://couplemoneypodcast.com
  • When it comes to our family board game time, CashCrunch Junior has become my daughter’s favorite.  She has improved her skills with counting money and she’s learned the importance of saving. I’d recommend it to any parent looking to have fun with their young kids and improve their financial literacy. Podcast Host at Marriage, Kids and Money with Andy Hill
  • Hey Paul - Finally the kids played the game. I didn't even know they had grabbed the game, they started making up their own rules. Great spring break fun for 10 and 7 yo!! (I'm hearing a lot of 'cheater!'... so, it's official, awesome board game! ) Keynote Speaker at Dorethia Kelly, VP Finance at National Mgmt Association Local Chapter and Author of #MoneyChat THE BOOK at Dorethia Kelly


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