In nearly every household the same loaded question is asked.

Parent: What are you going to do with your life?
Child: I don’t know.
Parent: Well what do you want to do?
Child: I have no idea
Parent: Well what do you think you could do?
Child: I have no idea.

The answer is that they don’t know.
They don’t know what they want to do.
They don’t know what they can do.
They don’t know what is out there.

A difficult and daunting question for your child to answer. Especially as we work 50 years of our lives.

Many students have no idea what their strengths are or what they want to do as a career. Quite often it takes several different jobs or college courses to figure out what they enjoy and matches their skill set.

We have a system that allows students to figure out their strengths and aptitude and apply it to careers that would best suit them.

When choosing any career, the three questions that must be answered are

Without a doubt, it’s the FIT that makes up highly effective performance in any career. Cash Crunch Careers will help discover and answer the 3 questions above. 

Through the CashCrunch Career Survey, we will provide the following information about your child which is readily accessible, downloadable and printable.

Career Work Styles
A summary of your child’s personality.

 What motivates your child.

Career Attributes
Characteristics of your child. 

Career match
Jobs suitable to your child.

College match.

Videos about each of the Careers.

Career directory
Research tools for further careers information.

Your child’s report is saved in their very own “locker “ on the website and can be downloaded and printed out.


If you are a parent of a teenager or educator working with teenagers, there is no question that you want your teenagers to thrive in their future career. One of the best ways to help your teens to enjoy a fulfilling career is to invest in CashCrunch Careers. This is an amazing tool that is effectively able to help your teen to select the right career. Get CashCrunch Careers today.   

Ashley Hill, Founder of

"The Cash Crunch Career tool is also a nifty way to get teens thinking about their futures. My 18-year-old son used it and it helped him identity personal strengths and possible career paths he had not recognized!" 

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, CEO of and NY Times bestselling author of Zero Debt  

The Cash Crunch careers survey is a great tool for teens to figure out a possible career match.  It's easy and quick to complete and the feedback is invaluable especially for those who don't have any idea of where to start.  The survey not only offers possible career matches but insights on your personal work style, which is helpful no matter where you end up working.

Jeannie Glista, Executive Producer  - 'Where kids teach kids about money'

After a wonderful career in law enforcement ended too soon due to medical reasons, I found myself searching for a new career in a new field.  Although it was exciting to do something new, I was lost and didn’t know where to start. I began by searching within and discovered CashCrunch Careers.  I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate it was.  It was motivating too!  The program was easy to navigate, thought provoking, and fun.  I highly recommend it for everyone.  Even if you just want to learn something wonderful hidden or forgotten deep within yourself.    

Judi Coleman

As a classroom teacher of 23 years, assessing students strengths and attributes is imperative to a students success in school and into their careers. Cash Crunch Careers allows students to find answers to who they are and what they are good at to help direct them in their choices. Cash Crunch Careers is a great product that I will recommend and use in my own classroom  

Brent Pillsbury  

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