See how your money habits stack up. Watch your cash-flow, budget and spending while striving to save. Will you survive student life?

  • With Cash crunch 101 - there is nothing to buy at this moment in time. It is a free game. It will be free to play but may well have a sign in to play the game.
  • The game fits into any personal finance program for High School and College Students.
  • Facilitates conversations about money.
  • Available learning materials (National Standards / Curriculum aligned) to support concepts covered in the game.
  • Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks - 21, 30 Minute Bite-Size Lessons.
  • Written by a teacher for the classroom.
  • Easy use for professionals and volunteers in leading workshops.


Ways to use CashCrunch 101 in class rooms

Why CashCrunch 101 is free to use

Meets National Personal Finance Standards

Instructional Video