Being a teen can become expensive very quickly. Whether it be learning to drive, owning that first car, going to college, hanging out with friends and more. It is also when teens get their first jobs. With money in their hand, it is very easy to spend it all and not have anything for those unexpected costs and emergencies.

How we handle our money now, will be indicative of the debt and lifestyle we have in the future. 

With 1.5 trillion dollars of student debt and 70% of households living paycheck to paycheck. The future is bleak. Reasons for these problems could include the way we value our money and live beyond our means.

With Cashcrunch 101, we want to address this.

We believe that the best way to start a conversation about money, is to create an experience. By playing a game, we are creating experiences based on our choices and therefore have something to talk about.

  • Cashcrunch 101 is a free online money game.
  • The game fits into any personal finance program for High School and College Students.
  • A great way to introduce personal finance into the classroom and to consolidate concepts and understanding. 
  • Facilitates conversations about money.
  • Written by a teacher for the classroom.
  • Easy use for professionals and volunteers to use in leading workshops.
  • Private labelled versions for your School / School District and organization are also AVAILABLE. 
  • Competition function available for inter classroom, school, school district, state and national are available.

Age 13+ Players 1 Time 15 mins +

The online personal finance game is based around a student heading off to college and needing to look after their money. Throughout the game, the player will receive income, pay expenses, have the choice of using their debit card and credit card, paying bills on time, nursing their credit score, answering multiple choice questions, all while saving to earn medals.

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Meets National Personal Finance Standards

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