Summary of 2017

   CashCrunch Games summary of 2017

Our accomplishments this year:

  • This year we have given our website a new look.
  • Sales of CashCrunch Junior, our personal finance board game for ages 7 to 12 has seen sales dramatically increase.
  • Common core material was also added to the free resources that are available on our new website.
  • We are exploring opportunities in Uganda and South Africa for CashCrunch Junior to be used in educational systems in those countries.
  • We also visited Baltimore, MD and ran a workshop for kids in an inner-city neighborhood.
  • Our Indiegogo campaign for CashCrunch Senior was not successful, but we learned so much from the campaign about the process, getting the message out and much more. We are still testing and refining this product which you will see “next year”.
  • CashCrunch 101 our online game is being used nationwide and as a private label version. We have partnered up with Centsai Adulting and a number of organizations with more changes in the pipeline.
  • CashCrunch Bite-Size our 21 Personal Finance lessons in 30 minutes or less has been revamped with interest picking up. We have sold this product on Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers and on our website.
  • CashCrunch Careers is our latest product. The focus of this product is to match the right career to the student based on their personality attributes and job requirements. Careers are recommended, based on best match with links to colleges that offer pathways to those careers and a library of videos about the listed careers. There are also downloadable resources to help with careers and planning. Careers relates nicely to financial literacy in that we work 50 years of our lives and we hand over our time for money. Unfortunately, in finding the right career, a lot of money is often wasted at college as we change our majors, minors and textbooks, not to mention extra rent and all other associated costs.
  • We ventured into the world of podcasts where we were guest on the Stacking Benjamins show, Jason Stapleton, Popcorn Finance, The Financial Ginger and Parker Financial and Sound Retirement Radio.
  • We went to two conferences – (National Business Educators Association) and FinCon (A conference for financial bloggers).
  • For Thanksgiving, we partnered up with Marina High School, where we purchased blanket material from the Fashion District in Los Angeles and with the collaboration of some students in the fashion department, we made blankets that we donated to the Orange County Animal Shelter
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Lots planned for next year, some expected additions and some not so expected. Exciting times.