Review from Finlit Forum

This game is part of a broader group of financial literacy games by CashCrunch that remove the intimidation factor from financial literacy. The CashCrunch 101 is the only one product with a digital component. It mimics the process of budgeting on a monthly basis against your earnings.

Over the course of the game, you start by evaluating your expenses against what you project to earn. As you move forward you run into windfalls, but also unexpected bills that could throw you off. The primary goal is to not let your spends exceed what you are bringing in. Its the same process month after month, and the previous months balance carries over to the new month, just like in reality.

I like how the decision cards function, you get to decide between a night out, staying home, doing errands or doing side work. All of them came with financial benefits and drawbacks, so you make the decision best suited for your lifestyle. Other decisions happen automatically, and most of them align to the chronological order of the game. So expect to see references to holiday shopping, spring cleaning and final exams.

The game does come off a bit antiquated against other more contemporary options, especially since there is no mobile option. However, I can forgive that since the end to end user experience is very true to life. Its definitely a good experience to check out!

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