Theresa Ann Babcock

Theresa Ann Babcock 4 (5 on 23rd of august)
85% go to Police or in name of police, k9s, toys for tots, children hospital. is our website

Sum up your Supported charity in a sentence. E.g. What do they do, Animal shelter, literacy program, environmental issues etc
Spreading love with one cup at a time to children and police

What made you decide to support the charity you sponsor?
Once Baton Rouge happened, daddy wanted to do something to show our love to the police. He asked, if we donate money, do you want to give your money to the family.  I said yes, and I love doing the lemonade stand so much, we do one once a month to help others.

What activities do you do to raise funds for your charity of choice? E.g. bake sale, lemonade stand, cutting lawns, collecting recycling etc.
I do a lemonade stand to raise the money.

Do you have a group working on the fund raisers or do you do it alone?
Just myself and daddy doing it.

What's your favorite/ most successful activity to raise funds? 
Lemonade stand in front of the court house. We raised $1,380

How much have you funded it so far?
Last year with toys, money and love we raised over $5,000 last year. This year we have raised $700.

How much are you trying to raise?
As much as we can. I will keep going and going to help others.

Where did the idea to support your particular charity come from?
I love to help others and pour my lemonade.

What's the most successful activity you've done so far to raise funds?
Lemonade stand in front of the court house

What's the one thing you would do differently, if there is one?
I would hope more people would give, it is better to give and help others. Sadly some people don’t want our lemonade and won’t donate.

What outside ideas or organizations have inspired you in your fund raising efforts?
I started to hand out police prayers and firemen prayer to them. Daddy saw somebody handing out thank you postcards to them.  I like chasing them down and getting out of car to surprise them.

What other interests or talents do you have besides fund raising?
I like to sing, dance and play in the pool.

How can our readers also help support your charity of choice? E.g. volunteering time, sending money, buying supplies etc
They can visit our website to find out about our events.  We will have a calendar later in the year people can buy that is just of me and my adventures.