Kyle Gishi

Please povide Your name, age and the name of the charity you sponsor, Add their web address if they have one.
Kyle Gishi
Age 12
Huntington Beach Canine Association

Sum up your Supported charity in a sentence. E.g What do they do, Animal shelter, literacy program, environmental issues etc
The HB K9 Association trains dogs for the HBPD to protect people, sniff out drugs, explosives and bad guys, supports the retired K9s as well as provide safety gear and a training facility.

What made you decide to support the charity you sponsor?
Bruno, the K9 police dog from Anaheim PD, was shot in the face and I donated my tooth fairy money to help pay for his surgery medical expenses.

What activities do you do to raise funds for your charity of choice? E.g. bake sale, lemonade stand, cutting lawns, collecting recycling etc.
Lemonade stand , door to door, and I send letters to businesses asking for donations.

Do you have a group working on the fund raisers or do you do it alone?
I do it alone.

What's your favorite/ most successful activity to raise funds? 
Door to door has been most successful, but the lemonade stand was the most fun.

How much have you funded it so far?

How much are you trying to raise?
My first goal was $1000, but my new goal is now $2500.

Where did the idea to support your particular charity come from?
After seeing how Bruno was almost killed, I wanted to do something to make sure our HB K9s were safe.

What's the most successful activity you've done so far to raise funds?
Door to door has been the most successful.

What's the one thing you would do differently, if there is one?

What outside ideas or organizations have inspired you in your fund raising   

I was inspired by the animals. I have grown up helping with rescued animals.

What other interests or talents do you have besides fund raising?
I am a nationally ranked State and Regional Champion in trampoline. I have also worked taking care of rescue horses since I can remember.

How can our readers also help support your charity of choice? E.g. volunteering time, sending money, buying supplies etc
Sending money is the best way to support the HBCA.