Annabel Massey

Please provide Your name, age and the name of the charity you sponsor.
Annabel Massey, aged 8 and I support the Wakefield Hospice

Sum up your Supported charity in a sentence. E.g What do they do?  Animal shelter, literacy program, environmental issues etc.
High level care for people who have advanced active, progressive and life threatening illness.

What made you decide to support the charity you sponsor?
See attached letter below.

What activities do you do to raise funds for your charity of choice? E.g. bake sale, lemonade stand, cutting lawns, collecting recycling etc.
I baked buns and sold them at school to my friends.

Do you have a group working on the fund raisers or do you do it alone?
I did it with my friends Ellie and Nancy.

How much have you funded it so far?
One hundred and fifty six pounds.

How much are you trying to raise?
I had no set target. I just knew that any funds would help.

Where did the idea to support your particular charity come from?
See attached letter.

What's the one thing you would do differently, if there is one?
Make more buns as we ran out.

What other interests or talents do you have besides fund raising?
In my spare time, I enjoy gymnastics, playing netball and reading. I am half way through the Enid Blyton stories.

How can our readers also help support your charity of choice? E.g. volunteering time, sending money, buying supplies etc
Wakefield Hospice are in desperate need of funds for new hospital beds, so any donations are welcome.