Warren Cassell Jr - The Abella Group LLC

Please provide Your name and that of your company
Warren Cassell Jr. - The Abella Group LLC.

How will your business make money?
Acquiring stakes in companies. 
Who are your competitors?

What is your Unique Selling Point. (Why would someone use your business over another?)
Can't answer this because the nature of my organization doesn't accept customers.

How have you funded it so far?
Money from my previous ventures.

What were you doing before you set up your business?
I was a student (still am) just had a passion for business

Where did the idea come from?
My mom gave me my first business idea; The Abella Group was formed after I realized that I was making money and I needed to invest in order to protect my money.

What's the smartest thing you've done so far?
Started my business. Too many people waste time in planning that they never start and execute.

What's the one thing you would do differently?
Go bigger. In terms of the effort I took to find clients.

If your business was a flavor of ice-cream, what would it be?
Vanilla. (The best services and products are those that are simple that can be accepted by large quantities of persons).

What outside ideas have inspired you?
Outsiders I admire - Michael Lee-Chin, Jamaican Billionaire and Warren Buffett

Where are you going to be in 12 months' time?
Speaking and Writing. Building momentum around my brand and message.
What’s the best financial advice that you have received, that you would like to pass onto our audience?
"Credit cards are not to buy rubbish, credit cards are there to grow your business." - Grant Cardone
Alternatively, leverage (debt) is a tool that must be used to create wealth.
What 3 attributes are most important to you if were going to hire somebody?
Passion, Honesty and Perseverance

To find out more about Warren
Go to www.warrencasselljr.com