Maryam R. Edah-Tally - Fleur À Cheval

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 Name: Maryam R. Edah-Tally
Company: Fleur À Cheval

Sum your business up in a sentence.
Fleur À Cheval a multinational e-commerce business selling the original handcrafted floral accessories for equestrians and horses.

 What's the business model?
Our e-commerce website, sales & marketing through our 50 Global Brand Ambassadors, and also supporting/sponsoring nonprofits.  

Who are your competitors?
Hipster Horses

What's your USP?
Fleur À Cheval is known for its high grade, vibrant, quality floral accessories.
FAC was the first ever business to market floral accessories for horses and turn it into a popular brand all over the world.

How have you funded it so far?
Through savings (and my parents’ support!) ?
What were you doing before?
In the early stages of Fleur À Cheval, I was just wrapping up by senior year in high school when I was 16.

Where did the idea come from?
A friend at the barn I board my horse at, began making these flower clips for fun. I took a good look at it the day she gave it to me and it immediately promoted a business opportunity. I posted a photo on Instagram, and the next day my phone BLEW UP with notifications asking where people could buy it. Then I quickly set up the business, and two months into the venture, Fleur À Cheval hit international sales online. It is growing day by day and is very exciting to see how an idea grew into a reality without reinventing the wheel.

What's the smartest thing you've done so far?
Academically speaking, that would be deciding to graduate high school early at age 16. I was able to finish all four years of high school in half the time without taking the exit exam. This puts me 2 years ahead in my entire career and gives me a leverage amongst other player in the business field.

But on the business side, the smartest thing I have done is seizing opportunities and relationships with mentors as came in my path. If you begin with the end in mind and throw your energy out there, the right people will always come to you.

What's the one thing you would do differently?
To be honest, there is nothing I would do differently. I believe everything happens for a reason.
If your business was a flavor of ice-cream, what would it be?
Cotton candy- no doubt about it. It is sweet, a classic favorite, but also leaves a stain in your mouth. Fleur À Cheval is one of those unique businesses that always leaves a long lasting impression on people- just like the blue dye left in your mouth after a single bite?

What outside ideas have inspired you?
My parents, and, I hate to put it this way, but other people’s failures. I have gotten a lot of my business tactics from my parents; from age 8 onwards I would be called into their board meetings and listening to how they converse in meetings. It really helped shape the entrepreneur I am today. More importantly, I learned from other people’s mistakes, which laid out the blueprint for me so I know which obstacles to dodge.

Where are you going to be in 12 months' time?
My vision is to have Fleur À Cheval stocked in a few retail stores within the USA and overseas and also prepare the business for funding and acquisition later down the line. My goal is to grow and sell, grow and sell, grow and sell…

What’s the best financial advice that you have received, that you would like to pass onto our audience?
The best financial advice that my mom continues to tell me today is, “the person who handles the money has got all the power.” Words to #liveby

What 3 attributes are most important to you if were going to hire somebody?
When I am hiring people to join Fleur À Cheval, I am looking for:
1.    Drive
2.    Passion
3.    Plans for execution

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