CashCrunch Games

a fun way to learn about money

Game Details:

OS Supports: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8

File Size: 11.1 MB/

Developed in: Unity 2D

Note: Game is not supported on Mac Operating System.


Steps to Install game:

1) Download windows version of game by clicking "Download" button above.

2) file will be downloaded to your system.

3) Please unzip the compressed setup file downloaded to your system.

4) You will find CashCrunchSetup.exe file.

5) Double click on the CashCrunchSetup.exe to install the windows version of the game.

6) Installation wizard will be open as below and follow following steps

Click on Next Button to continue installation.

Click on Next Button to continue installation.

Click on Install button to start installation.



Note:  In case you are not able to download the file, it could be because of antivirus system restriction, please add our link ( to the white list on your antivirus system


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