Knowledge is Power

In life there is always something that we want.

I want some new shoes
I want a better phone
I want a better job
I want to be a better person.

All these wants often come at a price. The price being something of value. By that I mean achievement.
You may need more money or you may need to make a smarter decision when buying your next pair of shoes.
Or you need to know where the best place to buy those shoes are.

All these wants have something in common. We need to be smarter with our decisions. We need to be more informed about our decisions.
With this we need to be prepared to work. We can work hard continuously, or work hard for a shorter period of time and work smarter for
the rest of time.

By being creative in your thinking, being prepared to look at all the angles and think things through, you are more likely to make
smarter decisions which means that the wants are more likely to be within your grasp.

Don't be scared to ask questions, read books, be critical of your actions. Think through your answers and decisions and you
will be a greater person for it.

When deciding on a career, make a plan, work to your strengths, address your weaknesses and embrace what is ahead of you.

At the end of the day it is down to you and what you achieve.

Be great today.