That Extra Step

In life, there are essentially doers and talkers. You need to think about this for yourself and work out which category you fit in.
How many of you have started many projects, but given up half way though? Worked on homework or a project and then simply stopped. This is due to a wide variety of reasons that include being bored, tired or lacking willpower.

By changing your actions, instant results can be achieved. Lots of us procrastinate and therefore are not really productive. We think too much, make an announcement about what we are going to do and then run out of time to do it.

How many times have you walked past the laundry sitting on the stairs and my personal favorite – the shopping trolley woe. I see this all the time. People buy their groceries, put them in their trolley and then wheel them out to the car. The unload their trolley and then abandon their trolley next to their car. The trolley bay is literally 30 yards from their car, but cannot be bothered to put their trolley away. By doing this, there is one less car parking space to use and potentially the trolley could hit another car and cause damage.

By changing your mindset, you will actually accomplish a lot more and become a better citizen. This could include throwing trash in the nearby bin as an example.
But going back to working on completing a project. I watched a recent John Acuff Facebook Live chat and he said something along the lines of - 90% of Americans who want to write a book don’t because of staying power. Everybody can start a book but it is the powering through that gets it done. The beginning and the end are the easy parts, but it is the middle that is the hardest.

Think about a project that you have recently started and at what point did you stop or consider giving up? This has been a personal battle of mine. I quite often get distracted or get bored. I taught myself how to have more will power by setting myself mini goals throughout.

When on an exercise bike, I would set my goal of 10 minutes but would get off after 3 mins because I was so bored. In the end, I would set myself a challenge of doing an extra minute each time. Just one more minute when I felt like getting off the bike. I had amazing results because it kept me focused. 25 minutes on the bike is now a breeze. I created a habit to complete my goals and in essence build up my will power, which has benefitted me in the business world.
So, in conclusion, find your ways to build up your will power. Whether that be putting that shopping card away taking the trash out, putting things away when you have finished using them or dare I say walk away from an item that is on sale that you don’t actually need or want.