To appreciate, or depreciate? The choice is yours.

As we get older, we are supposed to get wiser, but that depends on whether we have good sense and the stubbornness factor. Sense is not that common and stubbornness does not necessarily decrease with age.

Over the last 6 months, I have been going to a chiropractor and deep tissue sports massage to fix various ailments and it got me thinking about a lot of things.

When we were younger (I can’t believe, I am saying this – when I was younger!!) and I thought I was bulletproof. I played rugby, loved the contact and physicality and would simply play week in, week out even while injured. I always believed I would heal and bounce back from an injury easily. We are after all indestructible per our youthful view of ourselves.

With hindsight, I now know differently. No doubt you have heard the analogy of the sports car with regards your body and wellness.

You have a Ferrari (which is your body) and all you do is put cheap gas (food) into it. Ferrari’s need high-grade gas to perform. If you deny the Ferrari the high-grade gas, the car simply won’t perform like it is supposed to. Just like if you do not eat wholesome food and a well-balanced diet, the same can be said for you.

Let’s take that analogy one step further.

Remember the Ferrari in this story is you.

When you purchase a Ferrari, unlike other used cars, this one “should “appreciate in value. The car becomes more valuable due to its rarity. Along with the investment of the car, regular maintenance should take place: tires rotated and replaced, oil changes and routine regular maintenance. The car should be cleaned and polished to prevent the paintwork from being discolored and scratched. The upholstery should be treated to keep the appearance of newness and the inside cleaned so that the car keeps its fresh leather smell. The key is preventative maintenance, that helps to sustain the condition of the Ferrari and keep its value higher

If done correctly, there should be a return on your investment and the Ferrari should keep going for a long time without major breakdowns or issues.

Switching gears, from the car and to you.

For you to work efficiently, you need to be healthy and stress-free.

Personal Finance issues are one of the biggest stresses that any household has. The desire to earn more money or to make ends meet is what drives most people to succeed at work. The never ending and vicious circle that is – “if only I had more money, life would be better” –  is not really the case for many, because unless you address your money spending habits, earning more alone doesn’t fix the situation, it’s a two-part process. Probably 80% of people who earn more money will simply spend more and still be in the same earnings to spending ratio as before. If we start to save early, spend less, invest the difference………circumstances will improve.

But what if we look beyond that.

If you do not get a good night’s sleep, how are you supposed to function the next day? In my early years, I know that it wasn’t a problem, but it does take its toll eventually. As we get older we cannot recover or recoup as quickly. Sleep is a major part of your maintenance. So, if you are constantly sleep deprived you cannot function at full capacity, thus you are not working as efficiently as you could. Which means a sub-par performance, just like the Ferrari that is not well maintained.

Suitable hydration and healthy food intake are also key for the body to become hydrated and allow itself to maintain and regenerate.

Now, there is a lot that we need to do to maintain our wellness, but I believe that there are three investments that are key to allowing yourself to appreciate in value, or at the very least maintain your value longer.

The first is getting a decent mattress. By investing in a decent mattress or topper for your bed, you are giving your body a chance of recovering while you sleep. Looking back, I had an inferior quality mattress all the way through my teenage years and I never truly slept well. I never woke refreshed and my body always ached because my body was not correctly supported, especially when trying to recover its self from those rugby injuries. Hindsight is always 20 /20. He is also your best friend, but often late.

The second is a decent pair of shoes. No, I am not talking about high-end shoes (ladies) that when worn make your feet bleed and are not comfortable at the end of the night, that you walk home carrying your shoes. I am talking about a comfortable and sturdy shoe that supports your posture that works for you and keeps your body well aligned from the feet up.

Thirdly, investing in excellent quality sunglasses that protect your eyes from most of the UV spectrum especially if you live in a sunny climate. (One way of making sure that you don’t lose or damage your sunglasses, put a sunglass strap/retainer on them).

By waking up refreshed, you are giving your body a chance to meet the demands of your day. By having a decent pair of shoes, you are helping your body with its posture and prevention of sore feet and legs. Keeping your eyes healthy seems obvious, but many people buy cheap corner store fashion sunglasses that don’t do the serious protection your eyes need.

As we age, the sun can damage your eyes, which leads to cataracts and several other eye conditions that further reduce our vision besides the normal deterioration of aging eyes. For my 40th birthday, my wife sent me to the eye doctor and got me reading glasses.

Of course, there are a myriad of other wellness options to consider in keeping yourself healthy and well maintained, this article, in no way pretends to be medical advice, however, in looking over my “Ferrari” maintenance in my life, these are three main areas I addressed and have felt the most significant results from changing in my life.

Since you are a Ferrari, treat yourself well, do your maintenance, take care of yourself in ways that truly make a difference and you too should appreciate in value.

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